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Dahe Jinyue Hotel

Zhengzhou Dahe Jinyue Hotel, located in the CBD Central Business District of Zhengdong New Area, is a comprehensive high-end hotel integrating business travel and vacation leisure. The hotel is invested and constructed by Henan Daily Newspaper Group and managed by Dahe Hotel Investment Management Company. The hotel has unique location, elegant environment, convenient transportation and perfect supporting facilities. Zhengzhou Dahe Jinyue Hotel is located in 1.5 million square meters Zhengzhou Forest and other theme parks, close to 110,000 square meters Ruyi Lake, echoing Zhengzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center and Art Center, and adjacent to Dennis shopping paradise. Close to Zhongzhou Avenue, 10 minutes to Zhengzhou East Railway Station, 30 minutes to Zhengzhou International Airport, 100 meters from the intersection of Metro Line 1 and Line 4 of Convention and Exhibition Center, Zhengzhou Dahe Jinyue Hotel is convenient to access the major business circles in the city. Hotel rooms are located on the 16th to 22nd floors, with a panoramic view of lakes and gardens by the window. When staying here, they are busy but not noisy. They can eat, live, travel, travel, buy and entertain at one stop. Hotel rooms are elegant in design, wide-view floor windows connect with natural scenery, automatic curtains adjust the width of vision at will, atomizing bath curtain makes the space more transparent; guest rooms are equipped with light luxury brand toilets, intelligent toilets, all-round bathroom care, Simmons, Jinkel high-end mattresses, cotton feather bedding, more than 10 kinds. Pillows of different materials provide services for sleep. The high-speed WIFI in the guest room area covers all kinds of Internet business and entertainment.